Miami’s Best Fried Chicken

Best Fried Chicken Miami New TimesMiami’s Best Fried Chicken: A Top Ten List

Posted  Mar. 14 2013 

Miami NewTimes

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3. Clive’s Cafe
If you ask Clive’s Cafe co-owner Pearline Murray how the staple for Jamaican cuisine prepares its fried chicken, she will probably laugh, smile, and ask why you want to know. The answer is this: Clive’s makes simple, delectable fried chicken. Sometimes, the bird comes on the bone. Other days it may not. (It depends on what’s going on in the kitchen that day.) Regardless, when you place your order, the waiter will say the chicken takes some time. You will wait because, after all, it is fried to order. The dish costs $7 and comes with a choice of side: rice and peas, white rice, salad, fried sweet plantains, or vegetables. Add some Crystal hot sauce and then understand why Clive’s is number three. It’s just some fresh, homespun Jamaican-style fried chicken.